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Phillips Community Pool Values

The Phillips Community Pool operates on a set of principles that guide our everyday actions and decision-making processes.  These values are an employee oath and a promise we offer to our patrons.


PROFESSIONAL - Our staff take pride in their preparedness for emergency. By receiving American Red Cross certification, they have invested in knowing the best practices for avoiding traumatic incidents, but also are committed to acting quickly should one occur. Meanwhile, instructors are well versed in the latest trends and designs to provide meaningful classes. Finally, our staff are dedicated to interactions focused fully in the moment, and with the utmost respect for each of our patrons.


FAMILY – Family is the very center of our business model. Families here come in all shapes and sizes, and we welcome them all. Each program planned and decision made is with the intention to most benefit the health and well-being of your family. So, whether you enroll in swim lessons for personal safety, or engage in water aerobics for better health (and a healthy future), the pool has you in mind. Best of all, the pool is for everyone at every age, and the great family atmosphere provides simple and affordable FUN.


HEALING – The healing power of water is undeniable. Scientific research supports what we inherently just feel – the water is refreshing, invigorating and inviting. Relying on near weightlessness, our body moves in the water without the full impact and strain of movement on land. The principle of resistance supports the stretching and building of muscle with every movement, improving strength and endurance but also promoting greater range of motion for joints, improving mobility and flexibility. Movement through water naturally massages the body and improves mood. With these benefits, those that are in the worst shape, who carry the most weight (including during pregnancy), or who face physical obstacles (like being unable to walk), have the most to gain.


INCLUSIVE/SAFE – A swimming pool can be an intimidating place when you are uncomfortable in a swimming suit. While we cannot control others, we can guarantee this: We are committed to making our pool an emotionally safe place to exercise. We continue to develop our policies and facility to best hone our sensitivity to your needs. We understand your struggle and commend your courage.


OASIS – No matter your mood, we can match it. Feeling solitary? Lose yourself in your personal workout. Or, if you seek to be social, you can meet your family and friends for a group workout or an impromptu game over the basketball hoop, volleyball net, or underwater with the hockey sticks.  On the one hand, you can escape the kids; on the other, quality family time comes easy with three pools for play.  Whatever you’re feeling, we are the perfect escape from the bustle of your day, and the price is affordable.  So let gas prices soar; your vacation is in your backyard!

Hours of Operation



Mon - Fri:  6-8 AM



Mon-Fri: 3:45-7 pm

Sat:  12-4 pm



*Hours may change surrounding holidays. Please contact us in advance for these hours.


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990 Flambeau Ave.

P.O. Box 70

Phillips, WI 54555 


(715) 339-2143


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